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2010 Earhquakes

Since moving out to the west coast I've personally paid more attention to earthquakes. I've felt 2 earthquakes so far, both small, and I can honestly say that it's definitely a strange experience. The first one happened around 4am and it felt as though the bed was suddenly floating in the middle of the ocean. Then there was a rumble that sounded close to thunder. The second earthquake I felt happened when the big one hit Baja. I was far out enough that I didn't feel anything big. In fact, I initially thought I was just feeling dizzy until someone said, "hey, did you feel that earthquake?" But I couldn't imagine going through anything as big as Haiti or Chile. And it just seems like big earthquakes have been springing up everywhere all over the world which is what made me start doing a little research. Turns out there were many more major earthquakes than what the media have been covering. And 2010 is starting to shape up to be worse than 2004 when there were approximately 31,194 earthquakes (157 of them being 6.0 or higher) and 2008 with 31,777 earthquakes (180 of them being 6.0 or higher) resulting in over 300,000 deaths across the world. 2010 alone already has 223,731 deaths worldwide and we haven't even gone through half the year. It's absolutely mind boggling. So, I'm keeping an emergency kit with water, flashlight, dried food and other necessities and preparing myself. My friends out here tell me that California is due for a big one. (info graphic created by me using info on

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